A Legacy of Service

Mission statement:
We are committed to building community, fueling the economy, creating opportunities, and elevating the people around us.
Who We Are:

Relationships first: We invest in every employee on our team, providing them with the resources, tools, training, and incentives to facilitate their growth and professional advancement. Our core philosophy centers on building relationships first and prioritizing people over numbers. By cultivating relationships, we have created a supportive and collaborative work environment that nurtures the growth of our team members. Our commitment to growth and development extends to promoting from within and even hiring individuals from extended families. We believe that this approach not only fosters a familial atmosphere but also empowers us to build a team of dedicated professionals who are committed to our shared vision.

Servicing communities: Servicing both our community and our clients is what propels us forward. We provide comprehensive solutions and systems to make transportation, infrastructure, staffing, and facility management more seamless, efficient, and process driven in our communities. We are passionate about civic engagement and have actively supported disaster relief efforts, such as providing shuttle services for workers involved in the BP oil spill in 2010. We also take pride in our partnership with Trinity House in Atlanta, Georgia, which aims to assist formerly homeless men in finding employment opportunities. We are committed to creating opportunities and positively impacting the lives of individuals in our community.

Diversity and inclusion: As a black-owned and operated business with a legacy of more than four decades in the industry, we are uniquely positioned to appreciate and address the distinct challenges and needs of our communities. We recognize that the most impactful solutions often arise from those who are intricately connected to the community. Our executive team is composed of a diverse group of exceptional individuals who have demonstrated their talents and have progressed into key leadership positions within the company. Our unwavering objective is to inspire, uplift, empower, and encourage individuals to reach their fullest potential.

Family-oriented: As a father-son leadership team, family is embedded in our culture; it’s in our DNA. We are a family-oriented company who care about the wellbeing of our staff and clients alike. As part of our commitment to supporting our team’s mental health, we provide each employee with a complimentary membership to Headspace, a renowned meditation and mindfulness service designed to improve overall happiness, stress management, and mental wellness. We approach client partnerships as an extension of our family, and specialize in forging long-term, personal relationships with both our staff and clients.